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Aug 20, 2011 2:30am PDT
. >>> hi there, everyone. i'm j.j. ramberg and welcome to "your business", where we give you tips and advice to help your business grow. a stomach churning roller coaster week on wall street coupled with serious concerns about the future of the economy has small business owners on edge. the political fight over the debt ceiling plus a lack of consumer spending caused the national federation of independent business optimism index to fall in july. and the majority don't see things improving oaf the next six months. joining us now is the chief economist for the nfib. great to see you. >> always a pleasure to be with you. >> just a couple months ago i remember you were here. it's so good to talk to you. you have good news for the first time in years. now you're back again with not so good news. >> since then, of course, we're drifted lower in optimism. i guess if you're asking yourself what happened in july or what happened in june or what happened in may or april what would make you more optimistic about the course of the economy, you'd say nothing. it looked like we were going to make a
Aug 13, 2011 2:30am PDT
there, everyone. i'm j.j. ramberg. and welcome to a special edition of "your business." today we celebrate the start of our sixth year giving you tips and advice to help your business grow. as a small business owner myself, i've learned so many great lessons getting involved in the issues and operations of some great american small businesses. in west virginia, i picked up a paddle to find out how three once-competing whitewater rafting companies merged both their companies and their cultures. ♪ once upon a time in the wild and wonderful mountains of west virginia, there were three river rafting companies. classic river runner, mountain river tours and rivermen. they had all started in the 1970s, and each had their very own personalities. they were friendly competitors. and they all loved running the business they were running. so you can only imagine what it was like when the owners of these companies were approached about merging their operations into one. >> when paul first called me, i really wasn't interested. i actually said no. we had a good gig going, we were growing, w
Aug 14, 2011 7:00am EDT
talking about these days. that's "hardball." coming up next, "your business" with j.j. ramberg. of these abandoned racetracks in america today. automotive performance is gone. and all we have left are fallen leaves and broken dreams and -- oh. wait a second. that is a dodge durango. looks like american performance is doing just fine. ♪ carry on. ♪ perdue perfect portions is great on busy nights. five chicken breasts individually wrapped, so you can use what you want and put the rest in the refrigerator. and the best part is it only takes 10 minutes. it's my go-to meal.
Aug 21, 2011 4:30am PDT
. that's why we are proud to present "your business" on msnbc. >>> hi there, everyone. i'm j.j. ramberg and welcome to "your business", where we give you tips and advice to help your business grow. >> the nation's economic and unemployment troubles continue and as long as consumers aren't spending, small business owners can't hire. nbc's john yang reports. >> reporter: the more than 66,000 new job cuts announced in july were the most layoffs since march 2010 when the impact of the recession was hitting full force. >> these big layoffs are putting more fear into everybody. that's reducing job security, consumer confidence, that's not good for the economy. >> did you need some help. >> reporter: things aren't better at small businesses. they survived the earthquake and fire but second generation owner worries about surviving this economy. >> sometimes i lose sleep at night wondering will i be able to fund my payroll tomorrow and i don't want one of those checks to bounce. >> reporter: a new survey out from the small business association found that 88% of business owners expect th
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)